This is really the most destructive emotion. It will tear relationships apart and in the wrong situation, get you killed. Why can’t people look at themselves for once in search of a problem? What is so hard about accepting something instead of always fighting it? Fucking people man. Like how can you be a total asshole all the time & get mad when someone calls you on it? & why do people ALWAYS have to result in the most extreme/worst solution instead of working something out? I fucking hate people. I’ll never love if every bitch meet is this way. Yeah, I’ve been an asshole in the past, but I grew up. I recognized my flaws & the mistakes I made, & I learned how to fix them. I fixed myself, because I knew there was something wrong with me. But everyone is too prideful to ever do something like that. People think that no matter how fucked up you are, if you accept it, it’s okay. That’s not how it goes. You’re fucked up & that’s all you’ll ever be until you let go of pride. Realize that & the world would be a better place.

How can someone be such a bitch? Fucking ridiculous.

Fuck this shit, man….